Products and Medical Therapy


It generally has a higher CBD (cannabidiol) doesn’t create a “high,” but it can affect mood and be helpful in addressing anxiety and psychoses. More CBD content than Cannabis sativa, though the CBD to THC ratio is very close to 1:1. The general perception is that indica is an effective pain reliever, with a flat and relaxing high. Many medical marijuana strains contain a hybrid form of this strain which are available in our store.


The general perception is that it provides a more energizing and creative high, though it can prompt anxiety in some people. Sativa can also be helpful for people with depression, headaches, nausea, and appetite loss. Sativa plants tend to contain more THC( tetrahydrocannabinol) than CBD.


Both growers and nature have created hybrid forms of both Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica throughout the long history of humans’ use of cannabis.

People bred hybrids, for example, to make plants that grow more quickly, improve yield, and balance out the energizing and calming effects.

Carts or Cartridges

A pre-filled container of cannabis oil or concentrate designed for use with an e-cigarette or vape rig. Weed cartridges, or “carts,” are offered in multiple formats, from 510-threaded cartridges that twist onto a battery to pods that magnetically snap into place. Pre-filled vape cartridges built with ceramic tanks run less of a risk of ruining the flavor, as they do not rely on a wick or metallic coil to vaporize the oil. Carts are mostly people who don’t wanna smoke or have defficulty in portability of cannabis. There exist carts there are uniquely THC or CBC pre-filled oil.


Cannabis edibles are foods and beverages infused with cannabis. Though they’ve risen in popularity recently. Now, thanks to advances in infusion methods, you can find a wide selection of cannabis-infused baked goods, gummies, seasoning packets, cooking oil, chocolates, breath strips, mints, sodas, and countless other items. There are Edibles of HTC and CBD content.

Live Resin

Live resin is a cannabis concentrate that is quickly becoming a favorite of dabbers and vapers everywhere. Packed with natural cannabis flavors and cannabinoids, it is considered by many to one of the best concentrates on the market.